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Zombie Carnival Slot Review From Pragmatic Play

Zombie Carnival – Pragmatic Play has released several types of the newest slot online games in 2022 and it seems that online game developers are very enthusiastic about developing slot online games and one of them is the Zombie Carnival slot. Zombie Carnival is a slot game that has a very unique and interesting storyline which is also decorated with several features that are very profitable for the players.

On this occasion, we will share a review of the Zombie Carnival slot game. This slot machine has a carnival theme with zombies in it, and judi slot online players who have tried playing this slot game feel very impressed and excited when playing it. Let’s see until it’s finished!

Zombie Carnival Slot Review From Pragmatic Play

Zombie Carnival is a slot game that uses a 6×4 reel formation with 496 paylines which can provide jackpot wins for the players. This slot has various interesting features that will help increase the chances of winning for its players, such as the WILD symbol, Scatters, Free Spins Feature, Multiplier and Mystery Symbols.

The pragmatic play RTP slot provided in this slot game consists of 3 rtp values, namely 96.50%, 95.50% and 94.50% with the largest payout value given by the Zombie Carnival slot machine, which is 5000x the value of the bet you placed and is the highest jackpot value on the slot machine .

The symbols in the online slot game Zombie Carnival use a combination of zombie and carnival characters which makes this slot game very fun and exciting to play. The following are the symbols contained in the Zombie Carnival slot, namely:

  • Brain Symbols as scatter symbols.
  • Mystery Symbol.
  • Zombie Bear symbol as WILD symbol.
  • 4 Royal symbols (Jack, Queen, King, Ace) with low payout values
  • Symbol of 4 circus workers consisting of a clown and a circus leader.

Use of Symbols in Zombie Carnival Slots

1. Mystery Symbol
Mystery symbols are special symbols that can land on the reels at any given time and will continuously turn into one symbol and that single symbol will appear randomly.

2. Spread of Brain Symbols
This scatter symbol is one of the interesting slot features and is very useful for generating real money online jackpot wins when you play Zombie Carnival slot gambling. You must successfully land this symbol on reels 2 – 5, to get the 6 free spins you must successfully land 2 of the more scattered symbols. The interesting thing about this symbol feature is when the trigger scatter turns into a sticky wild for the rest of the feature’s duration.

3. WILD Zombie Bear Emblem
The zombie bear symbol is a symbol that will replace the symbol with a low payout value for the symbol you want so that your chances of winning are even greater. But what you need to pay attention to is that this symbol cannot change the scatters symbol.

That’s a review of the Zombie Carnival slot that you can immediately try playing on slot online gambling sites. If you haven’t found the best site to play, then you can directly access the site link we recommend in this article because that site is one of the slot gacor 2023 sites with the highest RTP slot pragmatic value which of course will provide benefits for players.
Thank you and have fun! 😊