IDN Live Fantan Game Betting Types

panafricanprimates – The IDN Live Fantan game was a popular game in China, at that time it was played using bowls, small stones or buttons, and sticks as playing tools. But now, fantasy games are a little different, the tools used to play them, but the system of how to play them is not much different from before.

Here’s how to play fantan casino IDN Live Indonesia this time using bowls, buttons, sticks, and transparent clear boxes to move buttons, in this game there will be 4 buttons in parallel.

After that, if there are buttons left, the remaining buttons are used as a determinant of results, for example, all buttons are separated by 4 and after that there are 2 buttons left, then the result is determined from the last button. as a result (2 poles).

IDN Live Fantan Betting Types

You need to know in advance that there are only 1, 2, 3, 4 buttons left on the table, if the buttons are not left on the table when the dealer separates them, it will count as 4.

1. Types of Odds Bet (Odds)
Odd bets (odds) in this game only have two numbers, namely 1 and 3, the ratio is 1:1 minus a 5 percent commission.

2. Type of Even Bet (Even)
Even (Even) bets in this game only have two numbers, namely 2 and 4 with a ratio of 1:1 minus a 5 percent commission.

3. Types of Shen Sam Song Bet
In this type of bet, this means that players can choose 3 numbers at once, for example: 1, 2, 3 are the numbers you placed, when the button has 4 left then you lose the game, but if there are 1, 2 or 3 left then you win. But in this type the payout ratio is very small.

4. Types of Nga Tan Bet
Is a type of bet with 2 numbers chosen by the player and 1 number is considered a draw and 1 number is considered a loss, for example: When playing 1 2 then number 3 is declared a loser if it comes out, and number 4. The payout ratio is small.

5. Types of Kwok Bet
Is a type of bet that chooses 2 numbers, for example: you bet on numbers 2 and 3 then the remaining button becomes 4 or the remaining 1 then you lose the bet.

6. Types of Nim Bet
This is a type of bet on two numbers, for example: place on 1 nim 2, then the result is 1 then you win but if 2 comes out it is considered a draw or tie, but if only 3 or 4 buttons remain then you are considered a loser.

7. Types of Fan Bet
You only determine one number, if you install the number 1 fan and it turns out that there is only 1 button then you win, but if there is more than 1 button left then you lose.

Those are some of the types of bets found on Fantan IDN Live that you can immediately play on the trusted situs casino online PIALASPORT. Hopefully the information we share is useful and see you again in the next article.