Conservation Projects

Ngamba Island Project

“We want an island. We want an island where our chimps can be safe. Where they can run around and swing from trees and build nests. Where they can be fed four times a day and sleep warm and dry. Where they can pant hoot as loudly as they want to. But most of all, where they never have to be frightened, hurt or lonely again.”

The fact that we are here is an achievement in itself. The Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary is a testament to what hard work, determination and goodwill can accomplish.

In August 1998, a trust deed was signed and the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Trust (CSWCT) was formed. The trust is a partnership of five international organizations with different philosophies but one common objective – to contribute to the conservation of chimpanzees in Uganda. The trust members of CSWCT are: Born Free Foundation, International Fund of Animal Welfare, Jane Goodall Institute, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre and Zoological Parks Board of NSW, Australia.

The chimps have settled in and are happier and healthier than ever. Our thanks and congratulations to our sponsors and all those who took part and survived – it’s been a busy year.